Board Of Directors

Periša Nišavić

Executive Chairman

Periša Nišavić, in his esteemed role as Executive Chairman, has charted an illustrious career path that has seen him deeply involved in the multifaceted mining sector across the African continent, beginning in 2011. His extensive ventures have taken him through the rich mineral landscapes of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others. In 2018, Mr. Nišavić took his expertise to Namibia, a country renowned for its abundant natural resources, to further his engagement in the gemological industry, with a particular focus on diamonds.

Mr. Nišavić’s eleven years of gemological expertise have solidified his status as a venerated figure in the extraction and valuation of precious stones. His proficiency is not limited to diamonds alone; it encompasses a wealth of knowledge in the procurement and processing of gold and a variety of rare earth minerals, which are crucial to various high-tech industries around the globe.

Beyond his commercial endeavors, Mr. Nišavić has distinguished himself through his dedication to enhancing the socio-economic fabric of the communities within which he operates. His leadership has been instrumental in spearheading micro-village projects aimed at uplifting rural populations. These initiatives have successfully provided sustainable and essential services, such as robust housing, access to clean water, and the adoption of renewable energy sources, thereby nurturing the development of self-sufficient and resilient communities.

In addition to his executive responsibilities, Periša Nišavić is celebrated for his philanthropic initiatives. His commitment to corporate social responsibility and his strategic vision ensure that the endeavors he oversees not only prosper economically but also contribute positively to societal welfare.

Periša Nišavić’s comprehensive approach to business, which intertwines ethical practices with strategic growth, exemplifies his belief in responsible stewardship of natural resources. It is this philosophy that has cemented his reputation as a luminary in the industry and as a benefactor of progressive change.

Sam Ekandjo occupies the pivotal role of Director, endowed with over eleven years of seasoned expertise in the legal field. His distinguished career has been characterized by a deep-seated specialization in an array of legal areas, including but not limited to, contractual, property, administrative, labor, and constitutional law, all nurtured within the esteemed legal firm Metcalfe Attorneys.

Mr. Ekandjo’s proficiencies extend into the dynamic realm of property development, where his strategic foresight has been instrumental in steering residential and commercial projects to fruition. At Foresights Investments Company, his acumen in negotiating contracts and managing developmental projects has proven invaluable, reflecting a profound comprehension of the legal and commercial facets of real estate.

His judicious oversight and strategic direction have been pivotal in cultivating environments conducive to business growth and regulatory compliance. Through his leadership, he has ensured that projects not only align with legal statutes but also adhere to the principles of fiscal prudence and sustainable development. His approach to legal practice and business development is marked by meticulous diligence and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Sam Ekandjo


Malenko Vladimir

Chief Executive Officer

Malenko Vladimir, as the Chief Executive Officer, has been a catalyst for industry innovation and economic growth in Namibia. With remarkable entrepreneurial acumen, he founded Mars Investment Holding in 2002, setting a new precedent as the proprietor of the first Namibian-owned diamond cutting and polishing enterprise valued at N$ 24 million, located in Walvis Bay’s Export Processing Zone.

The inauguration of this facility under Mr. Vladimir’s auspices marked a significant milestone in the same year of the holding’s establishment, signifying a rapid and successful mobilization of resources and strategic planning. Central to the company’s ethos under his stewardship has been the creation of job opportunities, with an emphasis on nurturing a cadre of highly skilled Namibian professionals. His commitment to the professional development of his employees is evident in the prioritization of their education and specialized training, ensuring that the workforce is equipped with expertise that meets international standards.

Mr. Vladimir’s tenure has been characterized by an impactful contribution to the evolution of Namibia’s diamond industry. Through his financial expertise and innovative leadership, he has not only propelled Mars Investment Holding to economic prosperity but also contributed to the nation’s socio-economic development. His efforts have played a pivotal role in reinforcing Namibia’s position in the global diamond market while fostering local talent and promoting sustainable business practices.

Aluteni Felicity, serving with distinction in Business Strategy & Governance, is renowned for her exceptional ability to drive high performance across both staff and business operations. Her leadership is defined by her proactive efforts to foster a conducive working environment, one that empowers employees and stimulates professional growth.

A staunch advocate for the continuous learning and development of staff at all echelons, Ms. Felicity has an impressive array of specializations. Her expertise spans the banking sector, adept budgeting, and effective change management. She is acclaimed for enhancing customer satisfaction and has a keen eye for design and delivery excellence.

Her proficiency in equities, coupled with her human resources acumen, allows for insightful interpretation and decisive leadership. An adept user of legal Macromedia Director, she also brings media training to the table, ensuring that her teams are well-versed in contemporary communication strategies.

Ms. Felicity’s negotiation skills are matched by her performance management capabilities, which are crucial in maintaining organizational efficiency. Her policy analysis is rigorous and her public speaking, persuasive. She has a strategic mindset, excels in recruiting the right talent, and her time management skills ensure that strategic objectives are met within set timelines. Her portfolio of skills positions her as a pivotal asset in steering the company towards its strategic goals.

Aluteni Felicity

Business Strategy & Governance

Alexandru Scutaru

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Alexandru Scutaru emerges as an exemplary figure within our organization, distinguished by his exceptional managerial skills in both the trading and IT sectors. His collaboration with Periša Nišavić has been instrumental in the strategic organization and consolidation of our holding, thereby fortifying its foundational stability while simultaneously enhancing the collective skill set of our team.

Mr. Scutaru’s unwavering dedication to our corporate mission is manifest in his steadfast support and significant contributions towards the realization of our holding’s objectives. His expertise is not confined to the technical domain alone; it is complemented by a profound business acumen that consistently positions our organization at the vanguard of innovation and operational efficiency.

It is with a sense of profound gratitude that we acknowledge Alexandru Scutaru’s role as a central pillar in our team. His extensive experience, coupled with an enduring commitment to excellence, continues to be a driving force behind our ongoing success and future endeavors.

Boris Isaacks, in his dual role as HR Officer & Legal Representative, brings a wealth of expertise to the intricate domains of the mining and real estate industries. His contributions are marked by a comprehensive understanding of contractual frameworks, where he has skillfully drafted an array of critical agreements including, but not limited to, sales, paymaster, joint venture, confidentiality, and non-circumvention documents.

Mr. Isaacks’s acumen extends to providing astute legal counsel to prospective investors, navigating them through the complexities of the relevant legislation governing the mining and real estate sectors. His counsel is informed by a deep understanding of the legal intricacies and a commitment to ensuring that clients are well-positioned to make informed decisions.

His professional portfolio boasts a clientele that includes notable industry players such as The Xtreme Group, MPP Civils, Spain’s Green Quest Solution, and Summers Companies Inc. Mr. Isaacks’s legal guidance is highly valued by these clients, who rely on his insights for navigating the legal landscape and securing their business interests. His role is pivotal in aligning human resource strategies with legal compliance, thereby fortifying the organizational framework with robust legal and HR foundations.

Boris Isaacks

HR Officer & Legal Representative

Etuna Kanime

Technical Director

Etuna Kanime is the embodiment of excellence in his role as the Technical Director and Business Strategist. With a profound background in geology, environmental management, project management, and contractor management, Etuna assumes a pivotal position in our organization. He is the driving force behind resource generation, a guardian of environmental stewardship, and a master in contract negotiations for our operations.

But what truly sets Etuna apart is his unwavering dedication and commitment to enhancing the company’s value for its shareholders. His vision extends far beyond the immediate horizon, and he tirelessly works to translate ideas into tangible assets that benefit all stakeholders.

During his previous tenure as a Project Geologist at NAMDEB’s onshore Southern Coastal Mine and DEBMARINE’s offshore Atlantic 1 mining area, Etuna amassed invaluable hands-on experience. His expertise in effective exploration and mining of placer diamond deposits, both onshore and offshore, has been a cornerstone of our success.

In Etuna Kanime, we have not just a leader, but a visionary who keeps us grounded in our mission to create lasting value for our company and its shareholders.