Pantarei Divinitus is a Namibian-owned mixed manufacturing corporation.

It currently controls and owns 67 percent of eight (8) subsidiary companies. As a result, it has complete control and a majority of the subsidiaries.

We are a self-sufficient, rapidly expanding company that use innovative methods and advanced technology to extract and process precious and semi-precious minerals.

We work and aim to enhance the conditions and livelihoods of communities in formerly neglected areas through diamond dealing and mining. PDH has done comparable initiatives in other parts of Africa in the past, and the communities have benefited greatly. PDH’s Social Development and Outreach programs aim to empower youth and previously underprivileged Namibians.

PDH is devoted to humanitarianism and to uplifting rural and indigenous communities, not only in Namibia but throughout Africa. We accomplish this by offering platforms with access to the European market where Namibians can display their arts and crafts.

The entity has a synergized leadership potential in diamond dealing and related activities, and it aspires to become Namibia’s preferable diamond trading and cutting and polishing operation in the foreseeable future.

When people think of diamond trading and cutting and polishing operations in Namibia, our name must come to mind first, as well as the ease of access for transporting companies.

Pantarei Divintus Holdings Limited will be operated to profit and benefit Our Country, Namibia. With Vision 2030 in mind, we aim to invest and focus on Namibia.