Pantarei Divinitus Investments CC

Pantarei Divinitus Investments CC is part of PDH – and is the vehicle for the social responsibility and development; it has been put in place to preserve and support all Namibian tribes through the sale of Namibian arts, crafts, minerals, commodities and other goods tribes posses within the global market (specifically Europe) and with these principles, we return back to the villagers and with this concept we return to give them opportunities to personally organize their stability and improve living conditions through their own efforts.

Panatrei Divinitus Investments CC will have contracts which include obligations to buyers through which the 20% Net Profits calculated from every transaction and in return, our company will act as a ‘messenger’ to contributions from tribe to tribe (our interest is to aid the development of relationships between local tribes) especially to less privilaged, geometrically placed tribes and not able to access minerals and natural resources.

Our involvement includes the proper transaction of quality goods produced by the tribal people who we link them to the real time buyers. This initiative is to make sure local villagers benefit from best prices. Our purpose is to satisfy both sides – buyer receives first hand products with direct link to village market and villagers will receive very good market prices for products, minerals and goods .

Our goal is to raise awareness of customers and businessmen around the world. They must understand that African tribes are proud and honest people who should be treated with respect. The direct cooperation with them will bring them much greater benefits if they understand their values, potential and have a “common language” for mutual benefit without the participation of a mediator.