Pantarei Divinitus Commodity Trading Enterprises (Pty) LTD ​

Pantarei Divinitus Commodity Trading Enterprises (Pty) LTD is the first established subsidiary of PDH and the main company that oversees the administrative functions of the Group.

The company acquired a High Value Mineral License which was granted in 2018. This license is to purchase and market high value minerals found in Southern Africa (SADC) directly to premium international markets. High value minerals such as rare metals (gold, platinum rhodium, palladium…) and precious stones (emerald, ruby, saphhire, tanzanite, demantoid…).

The company holds a total of five (5) EPL’s (Exclusive Prospecting License). Two (2) EPL’s through a joint venture with local people and companies of diamnond prospecting, and directly own three (3) EPL’s in the Sperrgebit, Oranjemund ocean based, and in the Kunene region (covering the ocean, desert and the Kunene river).