Business Cooperation Proposal


Party 2: Person, company etc

Preamble :


  1. This business proposal is formulated based on the oral agreement between both parties.
  2. The cooperation agreement will be executed in two stages. The first party, being the owner of a local holding corporation in the Republic of Namibia, controls nine LTD companies. This holding has full legal authority to independently make decisions on their behalf, owning a majority of 67% of the shares. Consequently, it is the sole entity authorized to negotiate on all matters, including partnerships with other parties.
  3. As holders of a significant number of Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (EPL) for mining diamonds, precious stones, and metals in rivers, deserts, and oceans, and having a contract with SAMICOR for nine shallow water mines (ML 36A-J), we propose the following. These mines range from 5 to 28 meters in depth, as approved by the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Namibia (MME). Additionally, we hold licenses for all high-value minerals, two dealer licenses, and a diamond cutting and processing factory.
  4. The majority shareholder of the Holding (99.99%) and the sole investor of the entire project, Mr. Periša Nišavić, guarantees the security of the other party’s investment. This is under his full control and responsibility, in accordance with World Bank International Law.

First Cooperative Proposal:

 5.  The initial investment by the other parties will be managed entirely by the first party. This investment, ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 US dollars, is risk-free. It will be utilized exclusively for finalizing mining preparations and for ocean mining activities.
  6.  The first party commits to reinvesting the invested amount in processed and certified diamonds at a price not exceeding 50% of the official market rapport price on the day of payment. This equates to a value double the initial investment.
  7.  The reinvestment period will vary from 3 to 6 months from the capital transfer to the trust account of the official legal representative, Boris Bruno Isaacks. The amount invested will dictate the duration of this period, with a maximum of six months for larger investments.
  8.  Upon completing the first stage of cooperation, both parties will discuss and agree on the specifics of the subsequent proposal.
Second Cooperative Proposal:
  9.  The second stage involves the purchase of a mining ship, equipped according to the first party’s specifications, capable of operating at depths of 100 to 200 meters.
  10.  The equipment, valued between 2 to 5 million US dollars, will be purchased as per a detailed specification. It will remain the property of the investor (second party) and will be lent to the first party, free of charge, for a period not exceeding 12 months.
  11.  Post-reinvestment, the second party will transfer full ownership of the equipment to the first party.
  12.  Subsequently, the first party agrees to pay a quarterly dividend of 10% of the net income generated by the vessel/equipment over the next 3 years (36 months).


Further cooperation will be based solely on mutual interest and goodwill.

Kind regards,

Periša Nišavić Executive Chairman

Pantarei Divinitus Holdings Limited.