The Namibia Desert Horses

Pantarei Divinitus Investments CC serves as the vehicle for social responsibility and development. It was established to preserve and support all Namibian tribes by selling Namibian arts and crafts, specimens, minerals and other goods directly to European buyers. The proceeds are re-invested in the Namibian economy based on the traditional councils’ priorities within their rural areas.

“The last guardian of African culture,” was established in 2011 with the sole aim of aiding African tribes by building well-developed dwellings with running water and electricity, as well as providing basic necessities such as sanitary good. Our project was initiated in Guinea, Conakry. We successfully installed solar panels to supply electricity to the settlements. Our mission is to preserve the natural habitats and the cultures of villages and settlements while providing basic needs to local villages and settlements.

In association with

Namibia Wild Horses Foundation is a non-profit association registered under Section 21 in Namibia. The main objective of this Foundation is to operate as an interest group for the conservation and protection of the Wild Horses of Namibia.

The foundation acknowledged the envisaged cooperation with Pantarei Divinitus Commodity Trading Enterprises Pty Ltd after a joint meeting. PDCTE gave its interest in providing financial support to the maintenance of the wild horse population, to research, monitoring and special projects with regards to ensuring the long-term survival of said horse population.

In corporation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, together we have established a strategic direction to achieve the management plan for the horses.