Coastal Diamond Mining (Pty) Ltd

Coastal Diamond Mining (Pty) Ltd is a company involved in diamond mining, dealing, cutting and polishing. The company has a diamond dealer’s license as well as cutting and polishing license from the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The best company is one that leads by example, affects social change, and shapes how people perceive diamonds around the world. Our code of ethics puts integrity front and center. We develop trust based relationships with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities by making gender equality a pillar of our human resources policy. Coastal Diamond Mining is also committed to creating a positive lasting impact that will endure well beyond the discovery of our last diamond, which is our roadmap for a better future – one that is equitable, wealthier, cleaner, and healthier, where protection, human rights, and ethical integrity are prioritized, communities flourish, and the environment is preserved. The rough diamonds are sourced from 5 sources. These sources are made up of licensed rough diamond traders within SADC countries, inshore, Onshore Exclusive Prospective Licences held by sister companies.